Corals Kingdom is proud to offer a no risk guarantee that your corals will arrive alive. We pride ourselves on using the best shipping methods in the industry.  See details and rates below.

We are not able to cancel any order after its placed as Fees and charges from the payment processer are not refundable to us ( 10% in total ). 

Please Note If the customer request to hold the package at ups store this will disqualify the order of our DOA policy. 


Shipping Method: Currently all livestock shipping is done via UPS next day delivery at 10 30am.  We carefully pack corals in insulated shipping containers and use heat and or cold packs as necessary.

* In case customer refuse the shipment, there will be no refund for the items, since they won't make it back to us and we have already been charged for the shipping.

* Free Corals Offers Cant be combined With Any other offer, discount Code or Store credit. 

Shipping Rates:

We ship every Tuesday :

      Orders of $300 or more ship free.

      Orders below $300 are: $25* CT,MA ,RI, $49.99* rest of cont. 

 How We take Our Photo :

We use poly lens to take photo under 100% blue light. We try our best to get the best photo that show the true color of the corals. 

Live Arrival Guarantee / DOA Policy: 

Corals Kingdom Guarantees live arrival of our corals/fish provide the corals/fish are received on the first delivery attempt.  Please note that coral get stressed during shipping and they will need few days to show their true colors. 

 In the event of a coral arriving dead on arrival clear well lit photographs must be emailed to within two hours of the first deliver attempt. If Corals Kingdom determines the coral to be dead on arrival Corals Kingdom may issue a store credit for the purchase price paid for the coral/fish not including shipping charges. Store credit may not be applied to future shipping charges only to future livestock purchases. Credits expire after 1 year from the issue date.

In case of DOa on pack deal The price will be divided equally on the items regardless of that kind of coral its. 

After coral/fish arrival alive we don't offer any warranty since there is many parameters that would effect the corals. 

Please note that our coral comes from wild, we dip our coral when they arrive but we Highly recommend to dip them before you add them to your display tank.

If you have any questions please contact us! We pride ourselves on using the best shipping methods in the industry!